Make your body a work of science

You may not want to believe it, but your size and strength could be your greatest weakness.

We’ve all seen or heard of stories where the little guy… the “underdog”… faces off against the great warrior. Tension builds as we cheer him on… the odds are stacked against him – how could he possibly out muscle this giant?

But he does. And we all learn the valuable lesson echoed across the ages… “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

So how does our small hero do it? What allows him to defeat an opponent where others have failed so many times before? The answer lies simply in laws we all must follow… the laws of physics.

Momentum, rotational speed, direction… all powerful tools at your disposal for taking down your opponent, regardless of size or strength. In “Fighting Science” Martina Sprague teaches you hundreds of proven ways to apply the laws of physics into your martial arts. You’ll never again be intimidated by brute strength alone.

You’ll discover how to squeeze every ounce of energy out of your moves and use science as your “secret weapon” to gaining the edge. With hundreds of photos, summaries, tests and a detailed glossary this book gives you a clear understanding of how to develop your techniques to their maximum potential.

Exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, enhance your strengths and claim victory in the ring… or on the street. Learn practical applications for your stances, kicks, grapples, takedowns and more. Find out why you may be working harder than you need to win through methods of conservation and focus.

Whether you'd like to gain a detailed understanding of the laws of physics for martial artists or just want a few hundred ways to get the edge on your next opponent, this is a must-have book.