How to write a good essay

A good and clear format can make any essay very simple to write. Structuring the ideas clearly, creating a strong thesis statement, and providing lots of support makes the essay easier to read and understand. The five paragraph essay provides a plan into which ideas will fit. By confining the ideas of the essay into this format, the author will increase the organization, readers’ attention and understanding.

The five paragraph format is a true way to structure an essay. The first and foremost paragraph is the introduction. It should contain a basic overview of the subject matter, as well as an idea of what will be described in the body of the work. This paragraph should conclude with a strong thesis statement. The body of the essay should contain approximately three paragraphs. The final conclusion will sum up the matters covered in the body and restate the thesis.

The introduction is the first thing a reader sees in the essay. It sets the entire thing by laying out not only what will be written, but also how it will be written. The introduction must begin with something catchy. A quotation or even a question is a great way to begin. It briefly discusses what the body of the essay will include.

The introduction must be concluded with the directly stated thesis. The thesis includes what the point of the essay is and how the author plans to prove it. The body is the true meat of the essay. This is where the author laid out the ideas and makes the point. Begin the paragraph with a topic sentence. State the point that the author is trying to make in this paragraph, along with how he intends to do that. Quotes can help for reference. In the conclusion, the thesis must be restated. The conclusion must be most memorable as possible.