Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research

Search Engine Keyword Research, the process of selecting the right keywords and phrases ensure optimum performance. Utilizing proprietary competition and traffic analysis SEO tools, we research, analyze, and determine the most relevant and targeted keyword and keyword phrases for your business or organization in search engine to promote your business.

We prepare a list of targeted keywords as clients business, and submit it for client review. The client reviews the list and selects those that are most appropriate and approves the targeted keywords for inclusion in the SEO program.

HTML Code Optimization

In this phase our experienced SEO professionals analyze and search engine optimize the HTML Code of your website by creating Title tags, Meta description tags, Meta keyword tags, hyperlinks, headings and image alt attributes. They remove all unwanted codes which are considered to be spam in search engine.

We manually fine tune each web page and remove redundant html codes which are automatically created during the design phase. Finally we optimize all these components for your site based on current search engine trends.