Teachers in State Schools to be Trained by Private Teachers

teacherTwo schools from the private sector have been chosen to provide training to the teachers of state run schools. This new approach is detailed described on education blog. The two schools are Wellington College and Guildford High School that have received accreditation from national College for School Leadership. It is the desire of the government to have more practical training for the teachers than courses being run by universities. According to Maggie Farrar, these teaching schools would really benefit aspiring teachers.

There are 150 new training schools taking the tally of teaching schools to 366. Government has a plan to increase this number to 500 by the year 2015. National College plans to work with other schools and one university to be able to provide help and support to teachers in their careers.

Most of the teaching schools in the country are funded by the state. However, head of the Wellington College, Dr Anthony Seldon, is of the view that private schools can be equally effective in providing training to teachers.

He is happy that a private school has been chosen to provide training to teachers and says that this ushers in a new era of cooperation between public and private sector colleges. During the entire 20th century, both the state schools and private schools have had to work separately and this initiative is a new beginning that breaks barriers between state and private schools. Guildford High School is a private school that will now provide training to teachers from across the country.