I never thought this would really work

All my life I had dreams of writing, poetry mostly. I had dreams of using my writing for therepeutic reasons. Poetry therapy. You see, I was a psychiatric, then geriatric nurse most of my carreer. Then I had a son with ADHD, a serious back issue, and later MS. My MS effects not only my body, but my thinking. I was angry at God, and for a while everyone else. Then I realized there was so much to learn from this.

You see, at the time of my diagnosis many people were talking about various forms of health care plans. However, much of the public didn’t look into the fine print. There were hugh limitations on how much the government would spend, on who, and why. A thick book in fine print was published, but few people read, much less understood the ramifications. The Health Care Plan failed, as we know. However this spurred an idea for me, what if it didn’t? What if it went farther than it’s intent to save the government money? I started to write a book. (I was an RN) But, because of fatigue, and losing the thread of the charachters, I couldn’t grind it out in time for a writer’s conference that I was going to.

Once again, I was depressed, frustrated and angry. I thought that the MS had won finally. Then I had an idea. I came across a scripture describing Satan as a combatant, I thought of that as one who would throw things. Somehow I connected that with lemons and an idea was born. I looked up lemon trees, lemon flowers, lemon fruit, lemon oil, you get the idea, and wrote about how, for example lemon trees were planted, combined it with a few Scriptures, and then application questions. Then WinePress picked it up. Even after some other Christian publishing houses were a little snide in their comments.

The point is, you may think you know what you want to write. But, stop and pray first. That may not be what the Lord wants you to use your talent for at first. All writing requires prayer. WinePress didn’t contact me until I came home from a Writer’s conference. Be patient. Keep writing. Trust in the Lord.

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