Articles writing tips

Before starting to write articles, the writer must think from the readers’ perspective. Generally readers want to learn something new from the articles that are important and relevant to them. The writer must think whether the article offer anything new for readers such as information, tips, advice, resources and benefits. There must be some reasons for the readers to read the article.

A well written article will have a news-style of writing. The main elements related to the article should be contained in an interesting opening statement. The remaining information should be answered in the subsequent paragraphs. The writer will do some research on the topic and gather any necessary facts, conduct interviews, find resources, etc. Writers may use quotes from interviews and supplement articles with interesting facts and statistics. This may provide useful information for readers and add credibility to the article.

The writer should write the articles in straightforward. He should use simple language and active verbs. Except direct quotes, jargons and personal opinions should be avoided. The article should be short and concise. Bullets, lists, short sentences and lots of paragraphs can be used. Writer should give readers the information they need in the fewest words. The writer can give an overview to the people. Usage of pictures or images related to the article is the effective way for the reader to understand clearly.

The pictures may enhance the articles. A caption should be included for each picture. The headlines should grab the readers’ attention. The writer should avoid the headlines that are too wordy. An active noun or verb can be used as headlines. If the quotations or any other facts are mentioned in the article, then the references should be provided in the articles. The final thing to be done by a writer is to check the article for spelling mistakes and any other errors.